Jul 13 th, 2018
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Sandalwood face mask


Sandalwood powder has various amazing natural benefits for your skin health. It helps to cure various skin disorders. Regular use of this ingredient helps to lessen acne by acting as an anti-bacterial agent. It helps to remove tanning and improve your skin tone. It has various other benefits such as:

Soothe sunburn:

This powder has a soothing effect in this way it helps to treat sunburns.

As skin exfoliates:

It acts as a great exfoliating agent when used with chickpea powder. It also has astringent action and removes warts.

As a skin moisturizer:

The flaky skin may induce itching and rash on the skin. Sandalwood has oil in it that helps to get rid of the flaky and dry skin and act as a skin moisturizer.

Reduce aging:

Pre matured skin aging is observed due to over-exposure to the sun or polluted atmosphere. Frequent washing is not enough to remove dirt or tanning, but it may cause loss of essential oil from your skin. This problem further leads to dryness, wrinkle, and other skin disorders. It also lessens free radicals production and delay aging.

Pimples remove:

Skin pores become clogged by sebum, dirt, oil, impurities or by germs. These clogged pores then induce pimples. This natural ingredient makes your skin flawless by acting as an antibacterial and removing dirt from the skin. It helps to lessen the chance of acne outbreak.

Tanning remover:

It helps to remove tanning induce by excessive sun exposure. It reduces melanin pigment. This powder helps to brighten your skin tone and makes your skin radiant and glowing on regular use. It helps to remove dullness from the skin.

Remove warts and blemishes:

This amazing natural ingredient makes your skin clear and removes dark spots. It is also effective to remove acne marks as well as it helps to remove HPV associated genital warts.

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