Tinea cruris

Tinea cruris


Tinea cruris is a fungal infection of the groin and adjacent skin. It caused by types of fungus that usually present on human skin but not harmful. When these fungal germs got the appropriate conditions they start growing and multiplying. This is what happen when the infection occurs. The best suitable condition for the growth of such fungus is the warm, moist and hairless area of skin. It is the second common cause of clinical presentations for dermatophytosis. It is common in men and in adults.


The signs and the symptoms are following;

  • Inflammation
  • patchy skin
  • dryness
  • scaly blisters
  • redness of the skin


The main cause is the fungal infection.

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tea tree oil


It proves very useful for tinea pedis as it possesses anti-fungal properties. It helps to reduce inflammation and heal the itching. It is good for tinea cruris.


  • Tea tree oil 30-40 drops
  • water


Directly apply few drops of tea tree oil on the skin with the help of cotton ball.

If you have sensitive skin then firstly dilute it with any vegetable oil.  10-15 drops of tea tree oil can be diluted with two tbsp. of base oil.

Press it on the affected area by using cotton ball. Let it dry. Try it daily twice a day until symptoms disappear.

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