Fordyce spots


Fordyce spots or Fordyce granules are visible glands. These appear on the genitals and sometimes on the mouth of most people. They are not associated with any disease or illness. This is not a contagious disease.


It is a natural problem which appears as small, white or red dots or bumps, and range from 1 to 3mm in diameter. The glands responsible are the sebaceous skin glands which responsible for secreting a substance to lubricate and waterproof our skin. Fordyce spot on lips can have a white or yellowish color, and take on a rice-like an appearance. Sebaceous glands usually only appear in hair-covered areas, and these are more common in people with oily skin types and most commonly appear on the lower gums. Their presence is completely safe and it requires no treatment.

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Apple Cider Vinegar


It is effective for natural Fordyce spots treatment. The use of garlic juice, apple cider vinegar, and jojoba oil as a topical treatment is best to cure the disease.

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