Aug 4 th, 2015
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All of us need sleep to properly function throughout the day. Suffering from this disease can throw your whole life out of balance. Insomnia is a disorder that makes it difficult to both fall asleep and stay asleep. Those suffering from insomnia often wake feeling unrefreshed as well as drowsy.

The causes of this disorder can range from lifestyle, like drinking too much caffeine, to more complicated issues, such as underlying medical conditions.

Medical conditions that can cause it include asthma, chronic pain, and cancer. Not only these 3 causes but other possible causes are menopause, arthritis, diabetes, side effects from various medications, and more.
Lifestyle habits that can cause Insomnia include taking naps in the afternoon, stress (from the workload, social commitments, etc.), sleeping in a noisy environment, job shift changes, and more.

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