Jul 13 th, 2018
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Gram flour is prepared by grinding of the chickpea. This magical ingredient is not only having health benefits but also act as a beauty enhancer. It is a great skin exfoliating agent. It helps to delay aging. It is a storehouse of oleic acid as well as linoleic acid. Gram flour provides you various vitamins such as beta-carotene, niacin, folate, and riboflavin. These vitamins are essential for the skin health as well as for the growth of hair.

Beauty benefits:

There are various beauty benefits associated with this disease:

  • Acne treatment:

It has zinc in it which fights against infection. In this way, it acts as an antibacterial agent. Intake of this flour helps to maintain a hormonal level of body, so it avoids pimples and breakout.

  • Remove facial hair:

It helps to remove fine soft hair from the face and gives you a clear skin.

  • Instant fairness:

It helps to reduce blemish and dark spot from the skin. This flour helps to gives you a radiant, glowing and neat skin. It lightens the skin tone and gives you bright skin complexion.

  • Tan removal:

It helps to remove tan induced by excessive sun exposure. It reduces melanin level in the skin.

  • Reduce oiliness:

It helps to reduce oiliness and reduce sebum production. Excessive production may clog skin pores. It helps to cleanse the skin cell.

  • Dead skin exfoliation:

This flour acts as a scrub. It acts to exfoliates dead skin cells. This scrub helps to remove dirt, debris and dead skin from the skin cells. It also acts to lessen the sebum level.

  • For hair care:

This flour helps to remove debris from the skull skin and cleanse the pores of the skull. It also helps to remove dandruff.

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