Vulva angiokeratoma

Vulva angiokeratoma


Vulva angiokeratoma is a benign condition that consists of 2-5 mm sized papules, typically purple in color, present on the vulva. They may bleed when subjected to the trauma such as by squeezing or by scratching them. It is due to collection of blood vessels.

Risk factors:

The risk factors of it are following:

  • Pregnancy
  • Post-partum period
  • Post-hysterectomy
  • Vulvar varicosity (increased blood vessels on the vulva)
  • Post-radiation in genital region is also believed to be a risk factor


The signs and symptoms of it are following:

  • Presence of small, single or multiple papules, normally purple in color, on the vulva (external vaginal opening)
  • The lesions may bleed when subjected to pressure or trauma (when squeezed or scratched), which can lead to an infection
  • The skin over the papules may be thickened. Sometimes, the skin over the papules may get infected with bacteria or fungus
  • Such bacterial infections can cause pus to drain and the lesion to become painful, resulting in severe infection
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