weight loss

weight loss


There is no magical shortcut for weight loss. Many sort of informational blogs about weight loss are there on internet with no authentic information. This information, most of the times is not based on actual science. It may help you to reduce your weight very quickly but it comes with a lot of adverse effects to your health. When it come to weight loss, losing weight by maintaining a good health is our aim.

But, losing weight naturally is a safe and healthful way to reduce weight. It is also scientifically proven.  It basically involves small efforts to your normal routine life. By a little change in your diet and lifestyle, you can be successful in lowering your weight and gaining ideal body shape. In addition, when you make these small changes to your lifestyle, you continue to implement these habits for long term which in turn gives you more satisfactory results by maintaining and sustaining your ideal body weight.

Natural Ways of Weight Loss

  • 1-3 Chicken eggs Day

    Few calories lots of vitamins

  • Lemon water in the morning

    1/2 lemon + 1 glass of water fills you with energy and speeds up metabolism

  • Green tea during day

    1-2 cups gets rid of dangerous abdominal fat

  • Cleaning your teeth after eating

    Toothpaste or mouthwash helps you avoid too any snacks

  • Physical activity

    30-40 minutes a day burns fat and gives the body a beautiful shape

  • Non -Carbonated water

    0.5l a day helps the intestines to work properly

  • No pre cooked food, sugar or harmful additives

    Avoid eating pre-cooked food and the above mentioned ingredients helps to lose weight faster.

  • Proper sleep

    7-8 hours a day stabilizes body functioning and burn fat

  • Eating properly instead of a diet

    Fewer portions, more non fatty meat and vegetables

  • Apple cider vinegar in evening

    1-2 tsp of apple cider vinegar plus 1 glass of water

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