postextraction problems

postextraction problems

There are many postextraction problems such as:

Swelling and pain

Swelling is normal after oral surgery and is directly proportional to the degree of trauma. Pain also occurs due to this. So for this purpose ice pack should be used.

Postextraction alveolitis 

It is pain assumed to occur due to bacterial action. Usually, the pain starts after 2nd or 3rd day of injury.


It is much more common among people such as:

  • Smokers
  • Oral contraceptive users


It is a rare case. It is mostly confused with alveolitis. But it differentiated as follows:

  • Fever
  • Local tenderness
  • Swelling

Osteonecrosis of the jaw

It is an oral lesion involve persistent exposure of mandibular or maxillary bone, which usually have the problem of:

  • Pain
  • Loosening of teeth
  • Purulent discharge


It usually occurs after surgery from the small vessels. Any clots that extend out of the socket removed with gauze, and a four-inch gauze pad or a tea bag placed over the socket. Then the patient is advised to apply pressure by biting for 1  hour.

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