Onion-Healing power

Onion-Healing power


Onion has various great properties, you might not aware of all. We discover various times at different websites that onion is full of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients, but have you read about the healing power of onion before this? Are you aware the fact that Onion has the ability to absorb illness? You mostly hear that use whole Onion that cut for salad and not to place it in the fridge. Have you ever think why? If no then here is the answer to all questions. Onion has the ability to absorb viruses, bacteria as well as flu. According to a research paper, it proved that if you place a peeled onion (cut from the center) in a patient room, the onion absorbs the illness and person sometimes improve within few hours. Onion-Healing power is a great topic for discussion.

Now you think it is ridiculous that how an onion improves the disease? But believe me, this is not a new topic. From centuries,  Ayurvedic medicine uses onion poultice for feet or chest to treat a cough, flu, joints pain, joints inflammation and fever. In 1900’s, various Europian individuals cure plague by using onion.  In the field of Homeopathic various doctors uses onion to alleviate viruses as well as illness. Hutterite community in North America place onion in their homes during winter flu season and replaced every 3rd month. The onion has another ability that it removes mold smell from the drawer, closet or basement. White onion (Latin name Allium cepa ) is the best onion.

Onion-healing power tests:

Once I hear that onion removes the septic smell from water but I consider it a foolish thing. But recently I read on social media that one person place half cut the onion in a bathroom to avoid septic smell and it works perfectly. Some people place onion in socks overnight and it acts as a great detoxifier as well as removes flu.

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