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Many herbal experts suggest the use of licorice root extract as a cure of many diseases. Excessive use of this herb may cause some side effects as well. Licorice root has a compound named as the ‘glycyrrhizic acid’ which is responsible for various side effects. Some licorice products are labeled as these are the de-glycyrrhizinated form of the product, which means that they have┬áno side effects and is safer for use.

Side effects of licorice root extract:

The most common side effects of it are:

Hormonal imbalance:

It decreases the level of testosterone in men. An increases in estrogen level and prolactin level is caused due to its use. It has the bad influence on reproductive organs or severely affect the sexual desire in some individuals.

Weight alteration:

It is may cause weight gain or weight loss by affecting metabolism process. Gain in weight or losing weight is a serious issue. It may be a cause of other diseases.

Teratogenic effect:

It imbalances the level of estrogen which is a hormone and causes complications at fetal level.


It increases blood pressure. Blood pressure is a serious threat that can be a cause of strokes and cardiovascular problems.

Effect on fertility:

It has the influence on the hormones. Thus it greatly effects the fertility of females and even males.

Allergic reaction:

Some individuals are allergic to licorice root extract who are allergic to peas and legumes.

Vision disorders:

It may influence the vision and cause blurred or even loss of vision in some cases.

Electrolyte imbalance:

It causes electrolyte imbalance by disturbing the sodium and potassium balance in the body. Electrolyte balance is very crucial for human body and can be fatal if it is disturbed.

Drug interactions:

It has interaction with certain medications.

Other side effects:

It may cause muscle cramps.

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