Barber's Itch

Barber’s Itch

Introduction of barber’s itch

Barber’s itch is a common problem in men with curly hairs. It can also appear in women who shave their bikini line pubic hairs. Another name for shaving rash is barber’s itch or razor lump. The Shaving hairs or close shaving results into ingrown hairs. these ingrown hairs irritate the skin. When next time shaving Is done it cause infection. It is also known as pseudofolliculitis barbae as well as sycosis barbae. It commonly affects those men who shave their faces and women who use the shaving method for legs and armpits. It is a common problem in people who have thick, coarse hairs on areas with sensitive skin, for example, pubic hair, underarms, chest and beard area. The appearance of a rash immediately after shaving indicates a lack of lubrication for shaving the unwanted hairs.


The signs and symptoms include;

  • Irritation
  • Rashes
  • bumps
  • redness
  • swelling
  • burning sensation
  • itching
  • nicks and cuts
  • infected follicles
  • pain
  • infected bumps


The main causes of the disease are:

  • dry shaving
  • hard soap
  • unconditioned skin
  • sensitive skin
  • dull or blunt blade
  • fungal infection
  • bacterial infection

Risk factors:

There is not seem to be an exact risk factor of this disorder. The main risk factors for the disease are:

  • Face washer
  • Towel
  • Razors
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4 Remedies

cotton swab with apple cider vinegar


The apple cider vinegar is used to alleviate the symptoms of allergy or rash because it has various minerals and vitamin in it. It is used to balances the pH and also helps to clear out the germs from the body that has built up. It has the property of antifungal and antibacterial that used to treat the infection that is causing the allergy.


  • Apple cider vinegar: 2 teaspoons
  • Lukewarm water: 6 ounces


Take concentrated apple cider vinegar and dilute it with the water. Apply it with the help of cotton swab and apply on affected site. Do it for few days.

frank Sage Answered on April 15, 2017.
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aloe vera for rash


Aloe vera acts as a soothing agent. It acts as a cooling agent and used to avoid skin discomfort as well as also acts against microbes, due to this we can say it an antimicrobial agent. It is a great skin moisturizer as well as boosts up the healing process. Aloe vera is good cure for itching.


  • Aloe vera leaf:1 or 2


Take the gel from aloe vera leaf by incision and applied it on the affected area. Leave it for half hour wash it with cold water. Do it twice or thrice daily.

frank Sage Answered on April 15, 2017.
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cold compress


When any injury occurs and pain associated with it, you can simply apply cold compresses which reduce the pain by numbing the affected area and control swelling and inflammation. It helps to reduce burning sensation as well as also helps to lessen itching and redness. It used to prevent bump formation as well as helpful to cure barber’s itch naturally.


Ice cubes: few


Wrap few ice cubes in a thin towel. Apply this pack on the affected area for 10 to 15 minutes. Do this a few times a day.

Note: Do not apply ice directly on the skin, as it may cause frostbite.

frank Sage Answered on April 15, 2017.
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honey for barber's itch


According to a research study done by the university of Malaya, “Honey has the ability to fight against infection”. It has the ability to boost up immunity. It helps to alleviate infection and inflammation. It acts as a great skin moisturizer. It helps to lessen the infection to the area around the injured site.


  • Honey: one-half tsp
  • Yogurt: one tbsp


Take honey and yogurt and mix it well. Apply it on the affected site by the help of a cotton swab. Allow it to be dried for 15 minutes. Rinse it well with lukewarm water.

frank Sage Answered on April 22, 2017.
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