Angiokeratoma Penis

Angiokeratoma Penis


Angiokeratoma Penis is a benign condition that consists of 2 to 5 mm sized papules, that typically purple in color, on the penis. They may bleed when subjected to trauma such as by squeezing them. It actually caused by a collection of blood vessels. This problem may diagnose through physical examination, medical history evaluation, and confirmed through a tissue biopsy. This penis problem is a common, benign condition that affects both boys and men (all age groups); the risk increases with increasing age. The condition is not contagious and does not spread from one individual to another


The signs and symptoms of it are following:

  • Presence of small, single or multiple papules that are normally purple in color, which occurs on the penis
  • The lesions may bleed when subjected to pressure or trauma (when squeezed or scratched), which can lead to an infection
  • The skin over the papules may thickened. Sometimes, the skin over the papules may get infected with bacteria or fungus
  • Such bacterial infections can cause pus to drain and the lesion to become painful, resulting in severe infection
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