Water is a basic need of our body. It is important for controlling and regulating various bodily functions. Scarcity of water can bring about changes in your mood that might also affect your health and work. It can also induce headache. So, whenever you feel thirsty, rush to drink water. On hot days, your body needs more water than the cold days because due more sweating there is excess water loss through body. This is why you should drink plenty of juices and liquids during summer season to keep yourself hydrated and in good health. Also drink more water

Signs and symptoms of not drinking plenty water

  • Your mouth feels dry

    If you do not drink plenty of water, automatically your lips get dry. It is a sign that your body needs water.

  • You witness skin breakouts

    Skin being the largest organ of body requires much of water. Drinking less water automatically affects your skin because bacteria and toxins need hydrated skin to be flushed out and drinking less water traps bacteria and these compounds in your body which produce acne.

  • You experience joint pain

    Drinking plenty of water does not  cure joint pain completely but it surely reduces the pain. Insufficiency of water causes the muscles around joints to pain and you feel difficult while moving your joints.

  • You are gaining weight

    If you are gaining weight, one of the possible reasons is that you are not drinking adequate amount of water. According to research, people who drink more water are less likely to gain weight than the others.

  • Your urine is dark yellow in color

    It is a good way to check out if you are drinking sufficient water or not to keep monitoring the color of urine. If its pale yellow or lighter in color and plenty, it means your hydration level is good. Darker colors of urine like dark yellow it means your water intake is less.

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