protein rich foods


Hair is a unique creation of God. It is made up of keratin which is a protein molecule. The main reason for the poor unhealthy hair is a diet that lacks proper nutrition. An adequate amount of proteins, minerals and vitamins are necessary for enhancing growth, quality and strength of hair.  Minerals and vitamins also play an important role in metabolism of protein and help in its absorbance in body. Following are the foods that make your hair grow faster and also improve their overall health.

Protein Rich Foods

  • Eggs

    The important component in eggs is biotin which causes hair growth.The other name of biotin is vitamin B. Biotin is directly linked with hair growth. Eggs are protein in nature and protein is needed for better growth and development of your hair. Incorporating eggs in your diet not only cause hair to grow but also promote overall health of scalp.

  • Lean Poultry

    Even if your muscles are not getting enough protein, they get shrink. How can your hair live healthy if your diet is deficient of protein? If your diet contains no proteins, more hair will fall out easily and there will be very less or even no production of new hair. Lean poultry is a very good choice of proteins. Eating lean poultry makes your hair healthier and stronger increasing their growth at a reasonable rate.

  • Salmon

    Salmon is a fish and is a great source of proteins and vitamin D. Bothe these constituents are excellent for your hair and support hair growth. It also  contains omega-3 fatty acids which keeps your scalp healthy and promotes the growth of your hair. Your body is unable to produce these omega-3s and you need to eat them from an external source in order to keep your hair in a good shape. Eating fish like salmon can actually keep your hair long, stop them

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